Please support our Building Campaign for the new Crossroads Women’s Center

Now more than ever, a space is needed where those whose survival and rights are under threat can come together across divisions to protect one another and build the movement for a more caring world.

The new Crossroads Women’s Center in Philadelphia has the potential to be a resource for such efforts, locally, nationally, and internationally.

We have pooled our resources for nineteen years and, with careful saving, were able to get a new building. We are now putting huge efforts into gathering pro bono professional advice and fundraising to develop it into a welcoming, accessible, environmentally and community friendly space.

But all the goodwill and volunteer effort will not pay for everything. We need your financial help for repairs and renovations.

For 19 years the Crossroads Women’s Center has been a vital resource for the movement for a caring world. Please help us expand!
See article about us in the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia newsletter: Making Space for Possibility .
Building Crossroads is a project of Women in Dialogue, a 501c(3) registered nonprofit. See for more information.

Some recent events

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